• Our pricing style is fairly economically friendly, and thus are variable 
  • For universities, the standard price is R50 for a single application process 
  • And if the learner wishes to be applied for in different universities, for more than one processed application, the standard is R50 for every additional university applied to.
  • Bank charges of R10 per deposit regardless of number of applications and learners.

   We also apply for funding for learners at companies or sponsors of their choice 
  • The standard price for every bursary application processed for the learner is just R50 
 Our pricing is barely minimum, considering the economy within which we operate, and are only intended to cover the fixed costs incurred by our application team from exhausting the company’s resources and no more, no less. 

 Furthermore, they are aimed at taking off the load on the learner from having to worry about his/her application, knowing that it is being taken care of, thus we carry their load so they do not have to
  1. Certified, scanned final grade 11, grade 12 june, learner id and parent id
  2. deposit slip picture.
  3. personal details ( name, surname, id number, gender).
  4. email and password,  R10 if you don't have it.
  5. parent personal details.


The pricing for our tutoring services is as well economic as the above, a standard fixed rate of R150 per learner per subject in a month for a class of 15 learners, R200 each learner a month for a class of 10 learners, R300 each learner a month for a class of 6 learner, R1500 for 5 learners or less. The idea behind few learners in a class is to give too much special attention to them, more especial those with level 1 and 2 , so they can able to get level 5, 6 and 7s depending on their commitment.
  1. Two subjects in a group of 15 learners is R300 per month.
  2. Two subjects in a group of 10 learners is R400 per month.
  3. Two subjects in a group of 6 learners is R600 per month.
  4.   Two subjects for 5 learners or less is R2000  

           Two set of groups that are sharing similar Tutors 

  • Two subjects in a group of 15 learners is R200 per month.
  •  Two subjects in a group of 10 learners is R250 per month.
  •  Two subjects in a group of 6 learners is R400 per month.
If learners want to be tutored in their own schools, R80 per learner per subject in a month including transport costs in a class of 30 learners and R100 per learner per subject in a class of 20 learners.

anyone who refers or organized any of the above groups of learners will get a commission of R500 or not pay for any Tutorial sessions

We also offer Tutoring Services for individual (s) or School (s)

R2000 per Tutor but learners can't exceed 30 Per Month in the case of schools excluding transport costs.

  1. We specialize in Maths, Physics, Accounting and Math Lit as we consider them to be the most critical subjects.
  2. Any grade from grade 7 to grade 12 with emphasis on high schools.
  3. In the case of schools or learners in Mthatha, venue can be wsu, school in request, home of a learner or any possible form.
  4. At maximum of 6 hours per week, 24 hours a month, we normal work on weekends but accept special cases like week days.
Account name: Cumi Victorious Facilitators
Account: FNB
Account type:cheque
Account number: 627 683 26491
Branch: Mthatha
Branch code: 210521
Reference: Your name and Surname or name of the school or company
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