The main reason for the launch of the program is because we have realized that learners do not apply on time at their universities of choice, for a number of reasons mainly being they do not have enough support, they become conscious of the need for looking into the future very late, or some do not know exactly which procedures to follow, as well as some do not qualify, which we try to change in our tutoring sessions. 

To address a few of these issues, we run a May-September program, where with our application team, we serve the needs of the learners by facilitating them to take one step closer to their dreams, and ensuring their applications to universities are submitted as early as possible, as well as seek funding for those we can. The purpose of this program is to have more learners being accepted at universities and pursuing their careers, thereby having fewer learners staying home despite having completed their matric while having the potential to become Doctors, Teachers, Accountants and Engineers of tomorrow.
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